Top World Changing Technologies

The presence of technology in our world has drastically improved how our world works. We all noticed that technology has revolutionized our world and our personal life. For us, technology has created remarkable tools and resources. Moreover, it has been continuously supplying us with a lot of useful information that we can accessed easily exactly just like eating a piece of cake. Technology has opened the way for multi-functional devices that we use every single day, such as a smartphone and a smartwatch. Not just that, computers have undergone several advancements too as now they have the capability to process more quickly, it also became more portable and much higher-powered compared to the previous generations of computer. We must admit that because of the advancement of technology, our life has become so much easier. Increasing our level of productivity making us do our work more efficiently and add more colors into our life. Without any further discussion, here are the top world changing technologies.

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Big data indicates to a very large and uncountable set of data, or a gigantic massive volume of data. Imagine the amount of data that we produced every single day which includes our texts, emails, online article and videos, social media posts, etc., that we produced every single day. This dataset is called Big Data. To sum all the data on the daily basis, it is beyond enormous. Knowing this fact, we must be able and ready to process and navigate all this data. Big data is the ability to process a large volume of information with more and a larger number of standard computing means. Sectors like tourism, advertising, anatomy, commerce, human resources have a very high interest toward this Big Data. This Big Data can be considered as the new star in this digital era.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Not everyone knows about the existence of Artificial Intelligence as it has a pretty short history in our world. But during this past six months, this field has actively improved. They have come in a very long way, from the first ever computer that can do some simple calculations to the very sophisticated ones.

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Deep Blue is the first ever machines to ever show its AI capabilities, this is an IBM supercomputer that beats Garry Kasparov which is the number one world’s greatest chess champion in 1997. AI has made a large improvement in these recent years due to the advancements in algorithms, data science and an increase in the computing power. Therefore, people are now aware of the existence of AI and the information about AI has been surrounding us lately. Additionally, AI can be defined as a set of theories and techniques that has the ability in implementing computer programs such as critical reasoning, memory organization and perceptual learning.

  • The Blockchain

This is a technology that is specifically used to store and transmit information. They are capable in storing and transmitting this information in a very transparent, secure and decentralized way. Moreover, they can operate without the presence of a central organ. In a brief explanation, this is a type of digital data management protocol that is secured properly and a transparent database. Additionally, this technology is a type of an account book or a register that contains and consists of all the trades or exchanges made between the users. Since this register is decentralized, it stores information in the server of the users. This register is always updated according to the real time and it is tampered resistant as it relies on the cryptographic system of validation of the users on every transaction made. These sets of transactions are recorded in a book after validation. Furthermore, by using a block of data it forms a string of permanent blocks which is known as the blockchain. 

  • The Revolution of the 3D Printing

In these past few years, 3D printing has come to reality due to the existence of the 3D printer itself. The 3D printer has the same principle with the 2D printer, the difference is that instead of printing ink on a piece of paper, 3D printer prints objects by layering thin layers of materials such as plastic, clay and others. By using a 3D scanner and a 3D printer it is impossible to model or picture an object and then print it by using the 3D printer. In addition, since the 3D printer is very practical it is possible for it to print an object in any different forms. The one and only constrain regarding this case is the size of the printer also the imagination of the user. As this 3D printer is very useful, it can be used in many industries such as, fashion, design, architecture, robotics, jewelry, health and many more.

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Bottom Line

Over several years, we will notice changes in our world as the new technology keep invented from a period to another period. Technology has become life hacks for human nation as it changed the way we live. When we look back the past few years, we will be amazed on how they’ve taken us till today.

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