How Google May Update The Rankings Of Your Site
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How Google May Update The Rankings Of Your Site

The question of how Google may update the rankings has been discussed at length. Certainly, Google has the right and the ability to change the ranking algorithm anytime they choose. However, they do not want to have a major change come about overnight. It may be too drastic. So, how will you know when Google has made their next big update?

How Google may update the rankings depends on the quality of information that they are searching for. When Google updates their algorithm, it may take them time to determine if a major update is needed. They could possibly wait until they have collected a decent amount of data regarding changes in the algorithms. Or, they might decide to roll out the update quickly so that they can get some feedback from real customers who use the major search engines on a regular basis.

One of the things that we have all speculated about is how Google may update the rankings for some keywords. If a major website like Google, sells a product or service and it is popular, it would be natural to assume that the rankings for those terms would change. If, however, there is very little traffic for that particular keyword, then it would not be reflected in the rankings. That is because there is very little competition for that keyword.

How Does Google Handle These Situations

So, how does Google handle these situations? First, they collect more data. Second, they make the update slowly. And third, they let users know about the change first so that they have time to prepare. So, how is Google able to pull this off? Google has developed what is called “the three-step formula” which they use to rank all of their products.

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The first step involves Google collecting more data on the searched phrases that people are using to find your website. For example, if you own and operate a travel site, you may want to update the search rankings for places where your customers are looking for travel deals. However, how does Google determine what is important and what is not important? They have two different algorithm algorithms for doing this. The first algorithm is more subjective and depends on their individual judgment, while the second algorithm is quite objective.

The Second Algorithm May Update the Rankings According to the Results of Other Algorithms.

The second algorithm may update the rankings according to the results of other algorithms. For instance, if one of the search engines updated their algorithm last year and this year the rankings for your specific key phrase is highly ranked but not this year, then you could possibly update your key phrase to something less competitive. However, it is unlikely that Google would ever change their algorithm which gives them the power to decide how Google decides how they will rank a website.

How Google May Update the Rankings for Major Website

How Google may update the rankings for major website. Every major website has their own algorithm that determines how they rank a website. However, there are some commonalities among the most used algorithms. If you update any of these algorithms, it is most likely that other major websites will also update their rankings based on the update. Also, the update may not completely alter the rankings for all keywords, it may just affect certain keywords or certain parts of the site. As with the update in the major website’s algorithm, how Google may update the rankings depends entirely on the judgment of the algorithm developers.

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How Google May Update the Rankings for Individual Webpages

How Google may update the rankings for individual webpages. Google can update the rankings of individual webpages, although if this update will have a drastic effect on your rankings, you should probably wait until your site has significantly been refreshed. A refresh of a single webpage can negatively impact your rankings, especially if your webpage was not getting much traffic at the time the update was made. Google will make these updates periodically, so be sure to check the rankings regularly for yourself to ensure that your website remains at the top.

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