4 Freelancer Blogs to Follow in 2020 for Updated Information

Approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion blog posts each month. Blogs written by individuals across the world presents you with news from sports, technology, travel, finance, and business to day to day activities of celebrities and what not. 

For instance, you are pursuing a degree in Information Technology (IT) and you require IT assignment help service. You can browse the Internet to look for blog posts which share details on the prolific assignment help expert associated with the academic service providers. After you are satisfied with the search results, you will contact a particular service provider. 

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Similarly, if you are looking forward to building your career as a freelance writer, you can go through the various blog sites to take a look at the tips. Irrespective of your interests and choices, here are a few websites which you should start following in 2020 to stay updated.



Are you aware of the fact that currently, the most followed blog post around the world is published in UpWork? It is an article titled ‘How to Manage Time Like a Pro and Get More Stuff Done” written by tech entrepreneur Hammad Akbar. UpWork is a great platform for the freelancers, where they can look for leads and earn significant money at the same time.

Moreover, if you are looking for useful IT management about freelancing, UpWork offers the best information. The site has an amazing collection of freelancing news, blog posts, and numerous tips for anyone managing a business. And, the site also has a community of freelancers (over 12 million) who discuss strategies for effective freelancing. 

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  • Fiverr


Over 8,30,000 freelancers are registered with Fiverr, which goes on to show how popular this site is. The blog section of Fiverr is filled with interesting write-ups discussing the latest updates and trends in the world. Moreover, you will find blog posts on website development, implementation of creative marketing strategies, promotion of brands, digital marketing etc. 

What sets Fiverr apart is the fact that they publish blog posts of successful freelancers and accomplished entrepreneurs. And the content is well researched so that you get the complete information on a subject matter like strategies on retaining clients in an organization etc. Thus, if you want the most updated information, you should log in to Fiverr. 


  • Millo


If you wish to enhance your skill as a writer, then you can follow the freelancer blog posts on Millo. The site has over 48,737 freelancers associated with it. And most of them share tips on business growth, freelancing, getting clients, freelancing platforms, interesting templates and scripts etc.

In addition to this, you will get information on the latest developments around the world, news (such as the status of COVID-19), success stories of established businessmen etc. Thus, in 2020, you should definitely look out for the posts on Millo.


  • myHQ Digest 


There is one more website where you can get interesting posts, that is, myHQ Digest. It is currently doing the rounds these days by providing an opportunity to millions of aspiring creative writers, bloggers and freelancers. As far as social entrepreneurship and digital marketing is concerned, myHQ Digest has turned out to be the flag bearers. 

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People can even subscribe to myHQ newsletter to get a detailed insight into tips, myth busters, news etc. Furthermore, myHQ blogs are focused on sharing tips with the freelancers who wish to set foot in the working arena. You will get to see interesting topics on freelancing hurdles, managing finances, and freelancing advice from reputed personalities. 

As you can see, the Internet is filled with lots of interesting options. Ultimately it boils down to your requirements and your tastes in articles. But, whatever your choice is, you won’t be disappointed by the blog posts shared on the above mentioned sites. Moreover, if you are yourself interested in writing, you can take the help of WordPress to create a website and publish your blog posts. 

Author Bio: Frank Smith is an active blogger, and he shares tips on social marketing and freelancing. Apart from this, he is the managing head at, and he supervises the online academic writing guide service provided by the assignment experts.

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