Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error Code H505

This error code primarily occurs in a multi-customer condition. QuickBooks Error H505 has a spot with different errors that happen when customers get to a record that can’t be in the PC or enters a discovered archive with a error course of action. This misstep pesters correspondence between a couple of devices and records. 

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Distinctive error codes share a couple of courses of action related to QuickBooks error H505, yet customers have informed that the misstep generally occurs in a multi-customer mode. It in all likelihood makes the correspondence between some related contraptions. In wording, it is progressively difficult to share a single association report to another record. If you want to know more about QuickBooks error H505 then contact our QuickBooks experts at QuickBooks Support.

Causes of QuickBooks Error H505: 

Basically, misguided area structure or inadequate access to the reports missing in PC is the essential clarification behind this QB Error H505. 

Solutions for QuickBooks Error Code H505 

As told, this screw up occurs in a multi-customer condition, where the PC serves a host so you have to check whether the encouraging technique is engaged on one PC figuratively speaking. You can affirm that by the going with approach: 

  • Opening QB move to archives and thereafter to Utilities. 
  • If you can see the multi-customer get to elective, it infers you can safely move to the accompanying decision and this PC can’t. Sympathetically don’t reveal any enhancements to it. 
  • Furthermore, if tapping on Utilities, you see the elective saying ‘stop multi-customer get to decision’ click on the decision to stop the encouraging mode. 
  • Experience this strategy regardless of PCs from the host PC. 
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Checking if Services a Running Properly: 

At the present time, the organizations we are talking about are related to the host PC. As there are the amount of organizations that must be consistently running on the host PC as follows- 

Bit by bit guidelines to get to organizations If you have windows more settled than Windows 10. For getting to organizations in an increasingly prepared interpretation of windows you have to tap on the start attach and investigate to run box. By then you have to make services.MSC and see the summary of organizations appearing. 

If you use windows 10 – 

Use the simple course keys Control + Shift + Esc. to get to the endeavor director. Go to organizations and a while later snap on tab Open organizations. 

After the Services Have Been Accessed-Once you open organizations, you as of now need to find the QuickBooksDBXX and a while later right-click the organizations and go on the properties. Go to startup type, and turn it customized guaranteeing organization status is running and if that status says stopped; you have to tap on start button referenced in properties. 

By and by go to the recovery tab, and discover first frustration elective and thereafter restart the device and organization will restart thus if there’s a failure. Repeat adventures for every failure. 

The organizations will start now and there will be likely no future issues. 

Unblock the Blockages in QBQ Network Ports 

Firewalls can hinder any outside association with get to data and remembering that using QB that is an issue. Different firewalls might be accessible in your PC yet you are proposed to use only one. The best technique to guarantee, whether or not there’s a blockage or not, here are the methods 

  • Go to start, open Control Panel by then move to System and Security. 
  • Go to bleeding edge settings and a while later visit Inbound Rules. 
  • Right snap on Inbound Rules and select new standard. By and by under that section, select PORT. From the given game plan of gets select TCP, (recommended) and switch next radio catch to unequivocal close by ports. You ought to incorporate express gave ports to address value. 
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For QB 2018-8019, 56728, 55378, 55382 

For QB 2017-8019, 56727, 55373, 55377 

For QB 2016-8019, 56726, 55368, 55372 

  • By then, select grant relationship with QuickBooks Database Manager and continue ahead. 
  • Select framework type using what you have to apply this standard. 
  • Incorporate a name for the standard, and snap on finish. 
  • Make same steps for out constrained standards. 

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Host File Editing 

This is a pushed system, in order to cause this work you to need to move toward the executive record. 

  • At the QB Database Server, use Windows key + R key to open the run talk box. 
  • Type cmd. 
  • When the cmd window opens type ipconfig/all and enter to run. 
  • Make a note for the Host PC and note its IP address and repeat it on every structure and that is related in a multi-customer condition. 


In the above blog, we provide the best and effective ways to fix QuickBooks error H505. I hope this blog will help you to fix QuickBooks error H505. If any of the given methods do not work in your case then connect with our QuickBooks experts to get the best solutions to fix issues related to QuickBooks or its products such as QuickBooks Hosting, Online Payroll and many more.

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