Streamline Project Management

Streamline Your Project Management

Team Planner is a resource management software developed by Projectum, designed to optimise the way organisations manage their projects and resources. This tool addresses the increasing need for structured resource planning and capacity management within various industries. Team Planner stands out for its ability to provide a comprehensive real-time overview of an organisation’s resource allocation and demand, enabling efficient and effective project execution.

The tool is integrated with a range of Microsoft technologies, including the Power Platform, Viva Goals, and Dynamics 365 for Project Operations, which allows seamless operation within the Microsoft ecosystem. Team Planner facilitates the entire lifecycle of projects, from planning and resource allocation to tracking and reporting. It is particularly noted for improving visibility into demand and resource availability, which is crucial for anticipating and managing potential bottlenecks in project delivery.

Furthermore, Projectum has equipped Team Planner with features that promote user adoption and make it conducive for both resource and line managers to plan and adjust capacities as needed. The emphasis on intuitive design helps in simplifying what can often be a complex process of managing varied project demands against the backdrop of shifting organisational priorities and resource constraints.

Core Features and Benefits

The Team Planner by Projectum presents a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the intricacies of resource management. Through innovative tools, it bolsters the efficacy of planning and collaboration, ensuring a harmonious alignment of resources with the needs of various projects.

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Resource Management and Allocation

Team Planner’s resource management framework is centred around effective allocation tools, enabling line managers to match resources with specific project demands efficiently. The software creates a systematic process to optimise the use of available resources, ensuring the right skills are deployed where needed.

User Experience and Accessibility

With a strong emphasis on user experience, Team Planner offers a platform that simplifies the complexities of resource planning. Its intuitive interface allows for a smooth and easy user experience, making management settings and processes accessible to all stakeholders.

Planning and Reporting Integration

Seamless integration with existing PPM systems enhances Team Planner’s capability to offer extensive planning solutions. This integration is bolstered by comprehensive reporting features, including a resource heatmap, which provides valuable insights for project planners.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Centralised communication tools are a core feature of Team Planner, fostering enhanced collaboration. The ‘digital handshake’ system ensures that all parties are aligned in their objectives and commitments, eliminating any disconnect that may arise in the allocation process.

Advanced Demand and Capacity Insights

Team Planner gives resource managers real-time capacity and demand visualisations, offering deep insights into resource capacity management. This provides a transparent overview of current and anticipated demands, allowing for more informed decision-making.

System Adaptation and Expansion

Flexibility is paramount, and Team Planner is equipped with scalable integration capabilities. This system adaptation ensures it can expand alongside an organisation’s requirements, including the procurement of additional software licences or services.

Effective Project Management Support

Both project and line managers find robust support in Team Planner. Customisation and setting management options are abundant, catering to the specific needs of each project, while ensuring a streamlined workflow.

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Resource Request and Allocation Control

Team Planner’s control systems empower line managers to place specific requests and match these requests with available resources. The refined process aids in the prevention of over-committing resources to ensure every project is well-supported.

Timesheeting and Over-Allocation Prevention

To safeguard against over-allocation, Team Planner includes timesheeting functions that track and manage resource commitments. This helps prevent the burnout of resources and maintains the balance of work distribution.

Key Features for Line Management

Line managers are provided with an array of key features to manage their teams effectively. Tailored views and settings enable them to gain quick insights and control over their domain, ensuring they can respond to demands adeptly.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Testimonials from renowned clients such as Nordea testify to the efficiency of Team Planner. These case studies highlight operational improvements and happy employees, showcasing the tangible benefits realised by utilising this resource management software.

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