Knowing All About Crypto Tracking App, A Genius Indian Innovation

Cryptocurrencies have generated much interest among people from all over the world. And it became all possible with the success of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency which was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto on 3rd January 2009. The journey of cryptocurrency did not prove much easier in India as RBI banned it. However, the ban was lifted off later by the apex court of India, which indicated a green flag for these digital currencies to stem its root in the Indian economy. This made people curious about best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020. Since many got driven by the new financial technology, it made an Indian genius discovering a new crypto innovation. So today, we will tell you all about crypto tracking app which was developed by Indian genius.

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Introduction Of The Developer Of The App

Before we leap to know all about crypto tracking app, It might come as surprising for you that the developer of this app is not a senior-aged person; instead, it was developed by an Indian teenager, named Harshita Arora. She is the brainchild behind the development and introducing this app to all of us. Just like Bitcoin became a sensation all over the world, similarly, this crypto app too garnered popularity among the crypto community and worldwide also. The discovery became so popular that it resulted in an offer from a big blockchain investment firm to her. It will be no wrong to say that at such a tender age, Harsita got applauded for her innovation, and getting an offer from a blockchain investment firm from California.

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Like other girls of her age, Harshita never did regular schooling. Instead, she was tutored at home in North Delhi. At the minimum age, she became very inquisitive to learn about digital design and coding also. It didn’t take much time for her in grabbing the knowledge of cryptocurrencies through magazines, which were technically based. The study of virtual currencies made her so passionate over time that she made her mind to use her intelligence in the development of a crypto app which will prove helpful.

All About Crypto Tracking App

Even though Harshita’s Crypto Price Tracker is not much a new concept, still, it seems promising in its utility. Now when it comes to discovering the app’s features, then it proves to be user-friendly in tracking multiple digital currencies. Besides this, the app is also very organized and intuitive. It is supportive to 10 languages. With this app, 1000 virtual currencies can be easily monitored by users. Apart from it, the management of the crypto portfolio can also be done through this crypto app. You can find this app on IOS.

Alliance With Redwood City Ventures

Getting impressed by her intelligence and milestone innovation at such a young age, the founder of the Redwood City Ventures initiated in purchasing her app. It all happened during the posting of crypto app advertisements on social media networks by the founder when suddenly he comes to know all about crypto tracking app that seems captivated with genuine price. 

Getting Honored By Prime Minister Of India

The government of India might not consider cryptocurrency to be a safer monetary option. But that didn’t stop the young entrepreneur from getting rewarded with Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020 by honourable Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, for her innovative crypto track app technology. 

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Some Other Two Best Crypto Tracking App

Besides knowing all about crypto tracking app made by a genius teenager, let us introduce to some other crypto apps, which you might not be knowing. Here are they:


CoinTracking is beyond to portfolio information spreadsheet. It includes many features like

  • Calculating tax by using multiple methods
  • It uses API and is linked with popular exchanges
  • It provides charts for coins and trades that seem interactive
  • Eight wallet imports support it
  • It also consists of of a feature which helps predict the price for the future. But it is not sure whether they are entirely accurate.


BlockFolio is popularly crypto tracking app for the management of cryptocurrency portfolios. Around more than 4 million people have been familiar with it. There are teams from significant cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and ZCash etc. It provides better security with secret PIN and is beneficial in the recovery of data in case your device gets stolen or replaced.

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Now since you have known all about crypto tracking app, it has proven the fact that a genius has no age limit. A person can come from all walks of life. Harshita has set that example. In such a tender age, she has gained so much applaud from her dear ones. More than that getting an offer from the foreign firm and being honoured by Indian Prime Minister is such a remarkable achievement, which cannot be defined in a few words. It is an inspiration for all those budding intellectual minds to make it big in life. She has enhanced the popularity of cryptocurrency and has made it worthy.

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Author Bio: Sujit Kumar

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