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The era of 5G has begun. HUAWEI’s 5G technology is obvious to all. Many people buy HUAWEI and HONOR mobile phones for 5G. Moreover, their high-end models are with strong configuration. So, it is not a problem to use them for several years. Having a 5G mobile phones can also adapt to the future trend.

HONOR mainly uses Hisilicon’s Kirin chip. The chip is quite strong in terms of performance. With the renewal, the most of the current HONOR high-end models are Kirin 820, Kirin 980 and Kirin 990.

Let’s look at HONOR PLAY 4. This mobile phone is big enough. In terms of single screen size, it is one circle larger than HONOR 30 Pro +. HONOR’s perforated screen of the past two years is still made of LCD. It comes with side fingerprint identification.

Its actual impression shows a strong sense of HONOR V30 PRO. Cold tone is a trait of LCD screen. While its color performance is bright. HONOR V20 uses the perforated screen for the first time. Compared with it, the screen quality of HONOR Play 4 gets more mature.

The quality of its screen is good. So how does it feel to hold a mobile phone with such a large screen? According to actual measurement, the thickest part of the body of HONOR Play 4 is of about 8.2 mm. It weighs about 212 g. It is very thin, and the weight is similar to that of HONOR X10.

The actual grip depends more on the size of the user’s palm. It is a relatively heavy mobile phone. However, it is fortunately thin. In addition, the transition control from the screen to the border is fine. This relieves the holding pressure to a certain extent. 

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The design of the back of the fuselage is familiar with HONOR style. Like other phones from HONOR this year, the HONOR Play 4 series uses MATRIX CAMERA matrix design. The HONOR Play 4 is the only four-camera phone among them.

Its main camera, like HONOR 30S, is 64 megapixels. The other three are ultra-wide-angle lens, macro lens and depth of field lens.

honor mobile
honor mobile

At present, ultra-wide-angle lenses have become standard for smart phones. You may not have a telephoto lens, but you must not have an ultra-wide-angle lens. It is a quite practical demand.

On the hardware, the chip of HONOR Play 4 is MediaTek Tianji 800 5G SoC. In terms of software, it uses the latest MagicUI 3.1 system. With such hard and soft matching, it can obtain a more stable experience in 5G communication and games.

In fact, models at each price should enjoy the product positioning at this price. Sometimes, the configuration might be detached and glamorous. But it may also shrink where you cannot see it. HONOR Play 4 is a sincere product. Its performance has got improvement. Consumers who want to buy HONOR mobile phones can browse more product information on HONOR smartphones official store in UK.

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