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How To Integrate Stripe With WordPress and Collect Payments?

Adding a payment gateway to you website can help you collect online payments from your customers when you sell them your products or services. The most popular website payment gateways that will come to your mind immediately are Stripe and PayPal. PayPal had have years of monopoly in this market segment. On the other hand, it is not the case to any further extent. Stripe makes availablelesser transaction charges and is very widely held in the community of developers for having an API.In the present day, we are going to discuss about some of the simple ways in which you can set up Payment gateway,Stripe  for your WordPress website with no requirement of coding. Stripe has moved ahead to be one of the most affordable solution for businesses, startups, and websites running on woo commerce. You can go for WordPress template customization for integrating these payment gateways. 

What is Stripe?

Stripe has been one of the most loved payment gateway since its launch in the year 2011. The focus of stripe was on making the product simple and make it way more convenient than the products of their subscribers. This has been one of their key strategies that made them reach a better place than their competitors. Stripe does not even levy huge amount of transaction charges on customer as well as they do not have any fees or refund schemes for authorizing cards. Integrate these payment gateways through WordPress template customization and woo your audiences. 

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Setting up Stripe for WordPress:

Stripe does not have a plugin for easy installation onto a site built on WordPress but it has its very own API, which makes it easy for installation on websites. With their API, there are a number of options for easily getting it activated for your customers wishing to make an online purchase. One more thing that you need to keep in mind for integrating stripe onto your website is that you must have a working SSL for your checkout pages in order to communicate the data of payment successfully. You can easily get free SSL certificates to encrypt your website from various vendors. 


  • Setting up Stripe on basic WordPress sites:


If you wish to setup stripe payments for your products on your website, you would need to integrate a plugin named as WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe. You can easily get this plugin from the WordPress repository. After installing the plugin, you would need to activate it and enter the API keys obtained from Stripe. Once you are done with all the settings, you can turn the live mode to on. After that you can move ahead to configure the default settings tab. You can set the name of your sites as well as set the currency in which you will be dealing with your clients. You should also set the redirect URL and enable your page tracking settings to get reports based on the activity carried out on your website. After configuring all the settings, you can go ahead with adding the payment button on the pages where you have your products displayed for your viewers. Adding a simple short code to those areas will solve the problem.

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  • Setting up Payment gateway, Stripe  in Woo Commerce;


Payment gateway,Stripe is available free to be used with Woo Commerce. You can get the licensed products from the vendors and then start serving your customers in the best possible way. For going ahead with this thing, you would need to install the Woo Commerce Payment gateway, Stripe  on your WordPress website where you have got your Woo Commerce store installed. After successful installation and activation, you can go ahead to the settings page in order to enable stripe usage by entering the API received from the vendors. After opting in all your preferences, you can go ahead with setting up the checkout page. You get the privilege to add coupons and other promo code options to your checkout page so that you customers can be added on discounts on the price of the products. 

Hope this article would have been helpful for you and must have cleared all your queries about the Payment gateway,Stripe , which has revolutionized the pay of checking out from online ecommerce stores. It has been developed in such a simple manner that it makes the shopping experience effortless for shoppers and at the same time it has also been perfect solution to enable payment gateways for store owners wanting to get direct payments from their customers. You can get in touch with qualified and professional developers who have been working in this field for a considerable amount of time to help you with WordPress custom plugin development and WordPress template customization as needed for enabling newer features for your website.

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