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Instagram: How to Download and Save Photos Easily

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment. Many users are relying on the best Instagram bot to achieve their target growth. Every day millions of users upload photographs and images from their daily lives to their accounts to show a special moment and share a memorable moment with their followers.

Surely if you have been on Instagram for a long time you will have realized that although the objective of the social network is to share photographs, it is not easy to save them. And there is no way to preserve those images that we like so much from the same app … or is there?


If on more than one occasion you have seen a beautiful photograph on Instagram and have wanted to save it or if any photo that you have uploaded to your account has not been saved correctly on your mobile and you have no way of recovering it. Do not worry! We are going to give you several options so you can download photos from Instagram.

How to download the photos from your Instagram account

Sometimes the technology does not work as well as it should and on more than one occasion, the Instagram app uploads the photos to the social network without problem but does not save a backup on your mobile. This can be frustrating if it’s a photo you liked and wanted to keep on your phone.

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However, there is a very simple way to download photos from your Instagram without installing third-party programs.

Step 1: Access your Instagram account

The first step to follow to download the photos from your Instagram account is really simple. Simply access your account by entering your details.

Step 2: Enter the Privacy and Security options

Once you are on Instagram, click the Settings icon (it has the appearance of a cogwheel or three dots) and then click on “Edit Profile”. Once in the said menu, look for the option “Privacy and Security”. Once inside the privacy menu, click on the “Data Download” option.

Step 3: Start the data download

Instagram will request that you re-enter your email and social network password to verify your identity. Click on “Request Download” and finally “Done”.

After that, the download of all the data, including all the photographs, that you have uploaded to the social network will begin.

How to download a photo from Instagram Stories

The videos from Instagram Stories are shown in full screen and you have surely wanted to save an image of them on more than one occasion to make it the background of your mobile.

Although there is indeed no way to download the video from the application, there is a small trick to save a photo of it on your mobile: the screenshots.

At first, taking a screenshot of an Instagram Story may seem like a bad idea since the username that shared it appears just above the video and is also on the move.

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However, there is a way to hide it and stop the video, just click on the photo for a few seconds and wait for the name to disappear. Once this is done, the video will stop, so take advantage of the moment and quickly take a screenshot with your mobile and you already have the photo saved!

How to download an Instagram photo from your PC

You may have fallen in love with an Instagram image and want to save it to your PC. As we have already advanced, you will not find any way to download it to your device through the Instagram app.

However, there are online tools that will allow you to download them to your team with little effort. We especially recommend that you use IgVideoDownloader, you can access its website by clicking here.

Step 1: Copy the Instagram photo URL

To download the Instagram photo you want, first of all, you need to have saved the URL of the photo in question. To do this, access it from the application or the Instagram website and click on the “…” icon to go to the publication. Once there, copy the URL from the browser bar.

Step 2: Go to IgVideoDownloader and paste the URL

Then go to the IgVideoDownloader page and paste the URL of the Instagram page into its central box. Once this is done, click on the Download Button.

Step 3: Download the photo

After pressing the “Download” button, you will see how the Instagram photo is downloaded to your PC in seconds. As simple as that!.

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How to download an Instagram photo from your mobile

Saving an Instagram photo from your mobile is just as easy as from your PC. We also recommend the use of IgVideoDownloader so you can follow the previous steps without any problem.

If you prefer, there are also apps with which you can download the photos without using the browser on your phone.

Under these lines, you can download the ones we like the most.


Downloading Instagram photos with InstaGet is easy. Simply access the app, enter the data of your Instagram account and find the photograph you want to download to your phone. Finally, you just have to click on the arrow icon to download the photo. It’s that simple! You can download InstaGet completely free under these lines.


FastSave is a very complete app to download photos from Instagram. To use it, we must first give the service permission to access our Instagram account and then open the social network app as we would normally do.

Once in the photograph that we want to download, click on the icon with the three dots and click on “copy link”. This will send the photo to the FastSave download queue.

Keep in mind that if the Instagram account is private you will not be able to download. You can download FastSave completely free under these lines.

We hope this guide has helped you when downloading the photos you like the most from Instagram.

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