The best VPNs for Singapore in 2020
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The Best VPNs for Singapore in 2020

3 reasons why you need a VPN in Singapore

  1. Do you want to watch Singapore TV
    Singaporeans have a growing love affair with Korean culture and this is reflected in the display of various TV shows. The Sun’s descendants follow the romance between a Korean captain and a surgeon as they try to find love in a war-torn country. Indonesian comedySamson and Delilahis another popular show, whileBigg Boss 9is an Indian version of Big Brother that has the best ratings.

    If you want to watch Singapore TV but don’t live in Singapore, you need a VPN
  2. You want freedom in Singapore cyberspace
    With most Singapore residents using the Internet regularly and enjoying high-speed services, the only restriction on online freedom  is the Government. The People’s Action Party, in power since 1959, is quick to respond to criticism and suppress freedom of expression whenever it sees fit. Singapore blocks a number of services, such as Netflix and other streaming sites, gambling sites, sites with adult or gay content, and anything that could be perceived as critical of the Government. Visitors to the country, whether traveling for business or pleasure, will have much more freedom, security and comprehensive access if they use a VPN.
  3. You don’t want to be watched
    An encrypted connection provided by a trusted VPN not only means that you will be able to circumvent government restrictions, but you will also be safe in the knowledge that no one is watching you. Otherwise, you can be tracked to ensure that you don’t try to watch a restricted site. Although the government says this is necessary to protect the country’s cultural integrity, it is still a big problem if you want to maintain communications abroad and be free to access content without being monitored.

These are the best VPNs for Singapore:

All VPNs on this list have servers in Singapore and in all major countries, are fast and reliable and do not keep records.

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Using a VPN will give you access to all of your favorite sites

The Media Development Authority controls the Internet in Singapore. It maintains a list of banned sites that include almost 100 virtual destinations.
Using a VPN for the United States to get around these restrictions and enjoy TV shows from the USA is a good idea. Using betting sites when you are in the country is probably not.

Online gambling is illegal and anyone caught can be punished with imprisonment or a fine.  So unless you’re a real gambling addict, it’s probably not worth the risk.

If you just want to watch US Netflix content or read news that MDA doesn’t like, then a VPN will create a new  IP address  to help you bypass censorship and geographic restrictions.

Singaporeans have also developed solutions like Freenet to avoid limitations, but they do not offer the anonymity, reliability and security that comes with a good VPN.

Watch Singapore’s most popular TV stations with a VPN:

Channel 5, Channel U, Channel NewsAsia, Okto, Suria, Vasantham

Our two main VPNs have everything you need:

  • Easy to use software
  • High-quality secure encryption for complete anonymity
  • Online live chat support
  • Good at navigation blocks, either geographic restrictions or censorship
  • Effective for streaming
  • High speed network
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