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The Importance of Great Website Design for your Business

There are a lot of businesses that get a simple or underwhelming website put together, or they even put something together themselves and then wonder why they are not seeing more income coming in as a result. The fact is a lot of people judge a business on their website. How it looks, performs, content, spelling mistakes! You can opt to do it yourself with a Website Builder, but by hiring a professional web designer you could see far more success and get the growth you are hoping for. But it has to be a well-designed site. When you are considering options for website design in Brick that point is key to your choices.

Finding a website designer versus using a website builder 

Creating a website completely from scratch requires coding, training, time and so on. But there are low cost and even free website building services some businesses are choosing to use over hiring a designer for the very obvious reason of saving money. For smaller businesses, this is especially attractive when they have to watch every penny spent. But while it might sound like the best move there are some things to better understand this choice and you also need to think about your long term business goals.

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Pros of a builder vs the designer

  • Convenient
  • Cheaper
  • Quick to get a website going, can have one up and running in a matter of hours
  • Easy to use, most use the drag and drop principle, no need for coding knowledge
  • With this kind of website design in Brick, it is easy to put in content, pictures and text, you just need to keep them within template lines
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Cons of a builder vs the designer

  • You might get a website up quick but that does not mean you get the results you want quickly, getting people to the site and to become clients or customers takes more than that
  • There is a lot more to great design than uploading some pictures and content
  • Websites from a builder tend to be poorer in quality than proper website design in Toms River

So what does a good site look like?

A good site is a combination of things. It knows that there should not be a lot of style over substance, but that an attractive site that also offers excellent user experience is important. Here are some things you need on a website that you only get with a real website designer.

  1. Search engine optimization elements including title, image, content, meta description and more
  2. Monitor user experience and adjust if needed
  3. Create strategies that generate leads
  4. Research targeted keywords
  5. Creating a sitemap
  6. Making sure major search engines see the site
  7. Analytics

With a professional website design in Toms River, you get much higher quality work, but you also get closer to achieving more traffic coming to it.

Website Platform Options to Choose From

So when it comes to choosing a platform for your website the consensus is – WordPress. The world over the best designers and website design companies like to use WordPress as a choice for creating a website. This is because WordPress offers a great number of tools, themes and plugins that makes designing a website fast and easy. But that does not mean WordPress is the only option available. 

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There are numerous other options to choose from depending on your business goal. So if you are planning an ecommerce store where there is a readymade option for adding products, shopping cart integration etc then sites like Shopify and Magento are popular options.


WordPress has been a very widely used web design platforms and will continue to be used by many developers in 2020. This flexible, open-source platform includes a long list of SEO and e-commerce features that can add value to your brand. A WordPress platform simplifies the hosting process and allows you to find the best value for website hosting.

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Magento is a high-quality e-commerce web design platform that is used by large retailers worldwide. for the world’s biggest retailers. This platform includes outstanding functionality for SEO and pricing. The significant relative cost may render this too costly for small business owners but is important to understand what similar functions can be available to your business requirements.


Shopify is a platform that is better suited to e-commerce websites for small businesses. It is easy to set up and administer and this platform includes hosting at no extra cost. You won’t find all the dynamic features that the Magento platform can provide, but if your requirements are fairly simple, this may be the best platform in terms of your IT budget.


Whatever platform you choose for your website it is imperative that design is visual appealing, aesthetic and is structured/ designed in a way that search engines can read your website. After all, if your site looks great, has all the information your customers/ visitors need but is not visible in the search engines then in simple terms no one is going to visit your website.

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So whomsoever you entrust your website design and development be sure to stay involved through the whole process. Ask you send you the initial design for approval and ask them all related questions you may want answers too. 

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