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PDFBear: Turn Word to PDF for Ease of File-Sharing

A lot of people will agree that traditional printouts are more difficult to manage than digital documents. You get to share them via online platforms like Gmail and Messenger. They are also easier to organize through the use of file folders. But using them does not mean nothing will ever go wrong. There would be instances that you would hate managing them because of the inconveniences they made you experience. 

Let’s say you sent a Word document to your colleagues but they ended up telling you to resend it because of formatting issues. If you try to share it again without changing the file name extension, the same problem will occur. It is where the importance of converting Word to PDF comes in. Several websites can perform the process but PDFBear has the highest number of positive reviews. Get to know this amazing online tool that is more than willing to extend help anytime and anywhere. 

PDFBear: Outstanding Word to PDF Converter

Word documents are important because it is what you commonly use to create essays and reports filled with text. To make the content more appealing, you can take advantage of the charts and graphs it offers. You can customize their colors, shapes, and sizes to match your needs. However, its features do not always support your purpose. Time will come when you have to convert Word to PDF especially for file-sharing purposes.

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PDFBear is a website that you can easily ask for help for as long as you have an internet connection. The device that you will utilize does not matter as well as the operating system you are about to use. Keep reading to understand how you can have a PDF document in an instant.

Step 1. Choose the PDF Document From The File Manager

First of all, you have to get whatever device you own that has a working browser. Immediately connect it to the internet and search for PDFBear.com. If you click the Tools tab, you will see all the tools it offers. They are categorized based on their functionality. You can find the Word to PDF converter under the convert PDF category. When you click it, a new webpage will appear with a toolbox at the center. Choose the PDF document from your file manager and upload it on the website. In case it is in one of your online storage accounts, you can transfer it by clicking the drop-down arrow beside the select files button. 

Step 2. The tool will scan and extract the file

After the first step, the website will do everything for you. Once the file is already in its server, the tool will immediately scan and extract it. It will copy all the text, format, layout, and other elements from the source document and convert it into your desired file format. Rest assured that you will not wait for a long time just to receive the PDF file. You will be surprised that it will become available in just a matter of seconds.

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Step 3. Have a copy of the converted PDF file

Saving and sharing the converted PDF file within 60 minutes is necessary. If you fail to do it, you will have to repeat the entire process. If you are not yet aware, the website uses a 60-minute rule. It forces the server to automatically and permanently delete all files after an hour when the shareable link becomes available. It would be beneficial if you save it both on your device and Google Drive or Dropbox account. If your smartphone or laptop gets corrupted, you can turn to your online-based storage accounts to retrieve the document.

Most Popular Tools Offered by PDFBear


  • Rotate PDF 


It is normal for people to commit errors or mistakes when creating their documents. More often than not, you encounter documents with upside-down pages making it hard for you to read the content. If you need to change the position of some PDF pages, then use the rotate PDF tool of the website. The rotating process lasts for less than a minute especially if you have a strong internet connection. You just have to upload the document with pages you wish to turn into the toolbox. Select all the pages you wish to rotate as well as the angle you want them to have. After that, you need to click the Apply changes button. 


  • PDF reader


If you have a device with low storage space, it can no longer entertain new applications such as those that can open PDF files. If you have a digital document that you wish to read, then you may use the PDF reader of the website. It will let you read, view, or open it anytime and anywhere as long as there is the presence of the internet. People love using it because it provides a convenient and comfortable reading experience. The first thing you have to do is to drag the file to the toolbox and wait for the server to process your request. 

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  • Repair PDF


Digital documents can get corrupted or damaged once malware or viruses reach them. If you suddenly can’t open your PDF document, don’t panic because there is an online tool named PDFBear to help you out. It will resolve the issue whether it was due to malware, viruses, or sudden power interruption. The process is extremely basic which requires you to click only a few buttons on your device. To begin, you have to select the file from your device and upload it to the server. You have to wait a minute or less to get your hands on the recovered document. Remember that some damaged files are already unfixable. So make sure to manage your expectations to avoid feeling great frustrations.

In Conclusion

PDFBear is a dependable website with tools that can do various tasks ranging from converting and rotating to reading and repairing PDF files. If you always find yourself needing to modify your electronic documents, allow the website to do it for you. It never runs out of ideas to solve every problem presented by your PDF documents. 

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