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How To Make a Business Video in 4 Easy Steps

With 45% of businesses shutting down during their first five years of being in business, it is no surprise that standing out against the competition is a must.

If you are trying to use video as your superpower to stand out but are struggling, then we are here to help. We put together this short guide to share how to make a business video in a few short steps. 

Read on to learn the ins and outs of how to create a video to help you level up your brand.

1.Understand Your Target Audience

One of the first things you need to do before you get started with making a video is to study your audience. If you do not take the time to do this, your message can fall on deaf ears because your video would not speak to the ideal customer for your business

Whatever you do – DO NOT skip this step. Think about and visualize the perfect and ideal customer that you want visiting your storefront (virtually or physically).

2.Create a Narrative

Once you have this ideal persona in your mind, you can write your video script to help answer their questions and fix their pain points. The key is to write a narrative that attracts your target audience and that is easy for them to follow. 

For example, if you are trying to sell a product or service that offers a solution, first start by showing the problem and then show how you can help resolve the issue through your video.

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3.Produce the Video

Whether you can afford a team, or you are doing it solo, choose where you are going to record your video. Take the time to test your sound and lighting to ensure the video is heard and can be seen clearly. 

Record the video as many times as needed to make it “perfect” and once it’s recorded, you will need to edit it accordingly. You can also use a video resizer as needed to ensure the video fits the platform where you are posting and sharing it.

If you are creating the video on your own, we recommend embracing the imperfection because it will not be perfect from the start. It is okay to learn and build from your past videos.

4.Share Your Video With the World

Once you are all done recording and editing your video, it is time to upload it and share your hard work with everyone else. After you upload your video, the work doesn’t stop there. You want to keep track of your video metrics.

Metrics such as total views, clickthrough rate, conversion, and average watch time will give you insight into how your video is doing and whether you were able to keep your audience’s attention. 

Ready to Make a Business Video Like a Pro?

We hope now that you learned how to make a business video, you are feeling more confident. Now you should feel ready to apply everything you learned above and can add videos to your marketing strategy. 

Please feel free to continue browsing our business section to catch our latest tips and tricks. 

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