What Are the Different Types of SEO
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What Are the Different Types of SEO Marketing


Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, is a means of increasing traffic and visibility to websites. It is an essential part of every webmaster’s or website owners’ campaign. The question is, “what are the different types of SEO?” The answer depends on your objectives. In general, the following are the main groups.

Keyword Search-engine optimization is the most common of the different types. What you basically need to do is get the word “keywords” into the search engines. This is the most commonly used method to attract traffic and boost rankings. The search engines use keywords as a way to categorize sites according to their relevance to a certain topic. You want your site to be on the first page or at least in the top 10 for any particular keyword.


Backlinks are links provided by other websites. The backlinks from relevant sites carry the weight of importance. The more relevant the links are, the more weight they carry. They are also counted toward your search engine standings. The more relevant, the better your ranking will be.


Link Building SEO is the process of building one-way links. This is usually done by submitting your site to search engines and directories. The links used in the links are trustworthy. One-way links point to your site not only from another web page but from a different website as well. One-way links can significantly increase your search engine rankings.

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Directory Submission SEO works best with web directories. Web directories contain a list of websites that have been submitted by webmasters. There are many web directories available. You can choose which web directories you want your site to submit to.

Search Engine Submission Many webmasters have realized the power of search engine submission. SEO firms offer web directory submission services to increase web traffic. If web pages contained unwanted keywords or irrelevant links, search engines would not index these web pages. SEO firms submit your web pages to appropriate web directories.


Social Bookmarking SEO uses social bookmarking websites in order to increase your web presence. Social bookmarks are an effective way of advertising your web pages. Webmasters and Internet marketers use social bookmarking sites to insert their web pages into search engines. The links contained in these bookmarks are traced by search engines through other web pages. By using social bookmarking services, you can improve the ranking of your web pages.


On-page Optimization (OEO) involves several steps. First, you need to create original content. Content is a major factor in search engine ranking. Content also determines the ranking of a web page in search results. One of the requirements for SEO is that the web pages should be optimized with keyword phrases.

Off-page optimization (OO) involves several activities such as link building, article marketing, and video marketing. It is important to apply off-page optimization techniques to achieve higher rankings. The goal of search engine optimization is to rank high for key phrases and keyword phrases on major search engines.

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Link Building SEO engages in exchanging links with other webmasters. exchanging links ensures that your website will be included in databases provided by other websites. The purpose of this search engine optimization technique is to build your popularity and increase link popularity for your web pages.


Article Marketing SEO is a popular technique used to attract quality traffic to your site. It is an effective means of generating links. This technique provides your website with visibility by allowing other websites to publish your content on their webpages. For every article that you have published, you will receive credit on the website where you posted it. This provides your company with free visibility.


Video Marketing SEO is another form of internet marketing strategy that provides a great way to attract more visitors to your website. YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites in the world. By posting videos on your company’s website, you can attract more visitors who can be converted into customers. Moreover, this type of SEO marketing provides higher visibility for your web pages, which can help you improve your website’s ranking in search engine results.

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