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The Best Wireless Headphones or earbuds of 2020

More and more smartphones are coming without a headphone jack, so you may want to get ear buds. These are the best earbuds of 2020

This type of cordless, cordless earbud with a charging case is becoming an increasingly popular device. This is why we have decided to put together some of the best wireless headphone models in this article. 

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In general we can say that almost all headphones of this type that we have tested offer quite similar characteristics, but if you want them to be of the highest quality you will have to spend more than 150 euros (obviously there are cheaper models of good quality too). 

Below we offer you our selection of the best wireless headphones or earbuds that you can buy in 2019. We have put together models with different designs and different prices so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

At an affordable price compared to the big rivals in the market, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 wireless headphones may appear to be lacking in some respects, but nothing is further from the truth. 

They may not have the most striking design, but they are light and comfortable. The buttons can also operate a wide range of functions once the system is learned.

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Most importantly, they offer excellent battery life combined with the best sound quality, so what more could you ask for? (Perhaps noise cancellation, but we understand that at that price, hardly). 

RHA TrueConnect

Bottom line : the RHA True Connect is one of the best wireless headphones we’ve tested.

Although they do not have active noise cancellation like the Sony WF-1000X, their comfortable and efficient sealing provides excellent noise isolation instead. This means that they are cheaper and that they do not suffer from failures that we can criticize. 

If we add to this the massive 25-hour battery life through the charging box, the splash resistance of IPX5 and top-notch audio quality, this is the pair of headphones with one of the best ratios of price quality. Here You check bluetooth adapter for pc

Sony WF-1000XM3

This new model of Sony earbuds has been able to improve on the original model of the WF-1000X thanks to a new, much improved design. The charging case is very small, yet the 24 hour total run time is very impressive.

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With great noise cancellation and the provision of various settings, including touch key functions, in the companion app and using the Siri or Google Assistant handsfree make it a very good purchase option.

Libratone Track Air +

They have arrived a little later than the competition, but Libratone has still managed to create a very tempting pair of wireless headphones thanks to a good balance between price, features and sound quality.

And most importantly, Track Air + offer noise cancellation, which is very rare in this type of headphones, and at a lower price than the Sony model. Construction and audio performance are good, RHA and Cambridge Audio are two very valid options too if noise cancellation is not an essential need for you.

The app could use a couple of improvements, but overall we’re pretty impressed.

Mixcder T2 headphones

Mixcder is one of our favorite audio product brands. It is characterized by offering products at more affordable prices, without having to sacrifice quality. In this case, we wanted to include the Mixcder T2 headphones in the list , designed to play sports with them on. 

Its design is capable of adjusting to any ear, we ourselves have been able to verify that it does not matter if you run, walk, or jump, the T2 are always well attached, without the risk of falling. To this is added that they are resistant to sweat, so it does not matter if you are dripping after exercise, the T2 are protected. 

They come with a charging box thanks to which you can enjoy 50 hours of music playback without having to charge them. They will connect with Bluetooth 5.0, thereby offering a much more stable connection. 

If we focus on the quality of your audio, it is also surprising. We have used them to answer calls and we can affirm that the audio is heard clearly. When we use them to listen to music, we have not perceived any distortion, the treble is heard accurately and the bass is forceful. 

As a conclusion we can affirm that these totally wireless headphones from Mixcder are a good purchase option for those who seek quality without having to spend more than they should. 

Creative Outlier Air

You can easily spend more than double the price of the Outlier Air on true wireless headphones. But for most people, it doesn’t make sense: Creative’s headphones sound good and have great battery life.

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They’re not the most compact, and the case is probably bigger than most, but overall, the Outlier Airs are a great buy.

1More Stylish True Wireless

1More has done an exceptional job with the stylish True Wireless Headphones, which offer unmatched audio quality with AAC and aptX support and are priced below 100, but not perfect.

Despite offering incredible audio quality and a great fit (thanks to the inclusion of a variety of headphones and O-hooks), the smart features of the headphones don’t work most of the time, even when it comes to fairly basic tasks. such as automatically turning on when removed from the case.

But despite the intelligence, design, audio quality and value for money these wireless headphones make for a highly desirable pair. 

Jabra Elite 65t

The Jabra Elite 65t are some of the best wireless headphones you can buy, at a price that cuts comparative products.

The sound quality is exceptional, as well as the fit, battery life and connectivity. They’re almost as compact as the in-ear wireless headphones without sacrificing bass response.

They lack the active noise cancellation of the Sony WF-1000X and the buttons are not as well positioned as we would like so be careful not to push them too far into your ears, but other than that they are an excellent choice.

Bragi Dash Pro

The Bragi Dash Pro headphones are really impressive if you can afford them; In addition to offering high-quality wireless audio, the Dash Pro can track running, cycling, and swimming with a set of 27 built-in sensors, provide easy access to Alexa, and most importantly, offer custom audio output based on your personal hearing range. 

Even with a wide variety of features, the Dash Pro headphones are not bulky and do not protrude from your ears like other buttons in our rounding. 

Combined with a 5-hour battery life and a charging case containing an additional 25 hours of charge, these could be the headphones you’ve been looking for. Of course, at 300 euros, they cost practically double than some other models in this article, but if you can afford them they are definitely worth it. 

Apple AirPods

The second generation of AirPods is more of an iterative update than a reimagining of the product. Coupled with the smart feature set exclusive to Apple’s offering, improved connection speed, talk time, and ‘Hey Siri’ support are highly welcome enhancements to a product that was already an industry leader in many ways.

But while AirPods easily provide the best full experience of all wireless headphones on the market, there is no improvement in the audio department, and there are other headphones on the market in 2019 that provide better audio quality.

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It all comes down to what you are looking for; If you want a smart and simple listening experience, AirPods are the chosen ones, but if you are looking for the best possible audio quality, you can consider one of the other options in our table.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Buds are in the middle of the pack wireless headphones. They are better and cheaper than the old IconX headphones, but they are not perfect.

We like the comfortable and lightweight design that is suitable for general listening or running. There are also some useful features that include an ambient sound mode, sensors, and touch controls.

However, the sound quality is not as good as that of the rivals and if you have an iPhone, it is best that you have the address cleared without the Galaxy Wearable app to access the functions mentioned above.

HolyHigh True Wireless

In this article, we have compiled what are currently the best earbuds on the market. As you may have seen, all of them come at a somewhat high price that not everyone is willing to pay. 

Here’s a cheaper alternative: HolyHigh True Wireless earphones. As if its usual price was not attractive enough, now and until next November 23 you can enjoy an exclusive discount with the code ‘ V4I6PBAQ’.

If you don’t have very high expectations for the listening experience, these Bluetooth headphones at this price won’t disappoint. You will immediately notice that the voice is in the foreground, which is good if you listen to podcasts regularly.

When listening to music, the voice is so powerful it can be strange to you at first. In the end you will end up getting used to the fact that the music is heard in the background and somewhat distorted, especially if you use them in noisy environments.

Another drawback they present is that you cannot increase or decrease the volume with gesture controls. Yes, you can change songs, pause or resume music, answer calls and activate the voice assistant on your device.

Instead, we celebrate that they fit perfectly in your ear hole. These headphones do not come with earbuds in various sizes, which at first might seem like a drawback. In our case, they have adapted to our ears without problems.

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