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14 Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop in Summer

Now, it’s time for the summer to arrive and that heat is going to affect your laptop adversely. Almost all the laptop owners register some of the technical issues in their laptop that gets affected by large amount of heat and temperature. 

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When our laptop gets heated way too much and you think that it would blast anytime (probably not), it works just in an odd manner. In this state, most of the people run for laptop repair services.  When the laptop gets heated way too much, the laptop may:

  • Shuts down abruptly
  • It starts to work slowly
  • The battery may expand
  • Either hard disks connected would expand or will not function 
  • Hang in the middle of running files

So, here are some of the steps that you need to follow to keep your laptop away from the high temperatures so that it can function normally. Thus, in this article you’ll find few necessary precautions to keep your device stable. 

    1. Protect it from direct sunlight: If you love to work outside in your lawn of balcony then face in the direction where you can prevent direct sunlight from hitting the laptop. You should sit in the area that’s cooler than other parts of the open area. A shed in the lawn area might be helpful for your work.
    2. Install heat processor applications: You won’t be aware of the temperatures that are unsafe for your laptop. The CPU has chips that get destroyed due to abnormal heat. For preventing this, you should install heat processor applications that continuously checks on the CPU temperature and warns the user. 
    3. Don’t operate laptops on beds and couches: Some of the places like beds, couches, sofas, blankets are suggested to be avoided for operating laptops. The fan is situated under the keyboard and if it is suffocated with cotton, then it would become difficult for the air to pass through it.
    4. Clean the fan if you can: If you are a tech savvy person, then you can open the backside of your laptop and clean off the laptop. But if you aren’t, then go for laptop repair centers for clearing out all the dirt and dust off the fans.
    5. Avoid intense CPU processes: You would be aware of the fact that CPU is the brain of device and thus it’s your responsibility to keep it away from the external nuisances. In summer, you should avoid intense CPU processes. 
    6. Give your laptop a break: By working rigorously on your laptop may affect its functionality. Thus, give it frequent breaks by putting it on sleep mode or simply shutting it down. By cooling it down will further increase the efficiency of the laptops. 
    7. Keep your data are backed up: Heating problem further gives rise to unexpected shutting down. This may even lead to formatting the device. For keeping it safe, you should keep your laptop’s data backed up.
    8. Use cases that are moisture and heat rated: The cases of laptops should have moisture, shock and heat protection. There’s no need to protect your laptop when you’re using it indoors but it is vital that you protect it while taking it outdoors. 
    9. Prefer air-conditioned areas: Obviously, you wouldn’t go for buying air conditioners just for the sake of cooling your laptops. But, if you are aware of some places that are cool enough, then do prefer to operate your laptops over there. 
    10. Avoid unnecessary use of your device: When you’re not using your laptops, do not keep it switched on. Instead, switch if off as it too needs some rest. It will result in increasing the speed of your laptop and also results in increased effectiveness. 
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  • Do not use your laptop on your lap: If you use your laptop by keeping it on your lap, then you ultimately block all the space from where the air gets blown out. Thus, you shouldn’t use it on your lap as it will prevent heating. 


  1. Don’t store instantly after using it: Many people have habit of storing the laptop instantly after using it. After usage also laptop emitting heat for around 10-15 minutes so wait for it to get cool and then properly store it.
  2. Stop the background software: If you are IT person then it might be chances that many softwares are running in the background after starting the laptop. These softwares uses RAM which slows down your laptop performance. You can stop the unnecessary software to avoid this.
  3. Get a laptop cooling pad: If you are one of the intense laptop users, then it is vital that you go for buying laptop cooling pad directly. It will give extra support to your laptop for preventing too much of the heating. This will also help you in keeping your laptop away from heating and unsafe temperatures.

So these are the basic things you can follow to save your laptop from any future damage. Hope this will helps you to improve your laptop efficiency and effectiveness.

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