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Why you need Twitter in 2022

Recent studies show that the younger generation prefers the format of short bright videos that grab the attention of viewers from the first second. Against the background of such changes in the perception of content, TikTok became popular, while other services went by the wayside for users. As a result, many content makers have left their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to focus on making videos. They think they can only become famous if they buy Twitter followers.

But what if the video content is not for you? Perhaps you prefer to make short, concise text posts and insert a link to your website there or add an image. In this case, you should try to maintain a Twitter account. If you think that this is irrelevant and you have to constantly buy followers on Twitter to gain an audience, then you are mistaken. We are ready to dispel this myth today.

Who is Twitter for

Not all representatives of the young audience can remember that a few years ago it was one of the most popular services on the Internet. If the stars needed to show their fame and importance, they asked the fans to post a large number of tweets and put some hashtags on the world top. Now you rarely hear about such flash mobs, mostly from Asia.

For those who are used to using this social network at that time, it suits them the most. If you still prefer short notes with a picture or a link, then this is the best service for you. Don’t think that you are the only one. In fact, there are many people in the world who like to read the Twitter feed.

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How to start maintaining your account in 2022

As mentioned above, people now prefer the short video format. If you want to do something unusual for Twitter, then you can post such content on your blog. This will come as a surprise to an audience that is used to reading short text posts. However, the choice of format is already the second stage. Now we will talk about the first.

First of all, you must decide what will be the main theme of your account. As a rule, users of this service like to read political and technology news, as well as humorous profiles. Many people use Twitter as a place to post short funny stories.

Next, you should think about the format. Perhaps they will be just text tweets, perhaps you will write the title of your article and attach a link to the full version.

After that, be sure to make a content plan for at least a month. It is important that you do not think every day about what you will publish today. With a clear plan, you will be much calmer and your account will grow faster.

When you are fully prepared to start maintaining an account, you can post your first tweets. Don’t forget to analyze statistics daily to keep abreast of changes and make timely decisions and fix problems.

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