Sigma Certification Course in 2020

7 Reasons to do Six Sigma Certification Course in 2020

For three decades now, Six Sigma has been the talk of the corporate world. Everyone knows the myriad benefits the Six Sigma process brings to an organization. The Six Sigma process better business operations by carrying the defect-rate lesser than 3.4 errors per million opportunities. It is a set of tools and techniques for detecting the causes behind sluggish business processes and then removing the errors involved.

Instruments required to augment the capacities of the production units to manufacture customer-approved quality output are given via Six Sigma. This data-driven technology enhances manufacturing processes by streamlining operations with efficient use of assets and resources. Hence, incorporating this quality program assures superior quality and cuts errors, defects, or risks revolving around it.

Reducing cost and time delay, decreasing process variation, improving customer satisfaction and employee morale, and boosting profitability are few of the benefits that the Six Sigma process creates for a firm.

However, all this is about an all-inclusive enterprise. Let’s also talk about what Six Sigma certification online does for an individual and is it worth taking the course. Adding Six Sigma certification online to your resume makes you an indispensable tool for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

You ask HOW?

We have compiled a list of benefits that makes Six Sigma certification online essential for both individuals and corporations.

7 Reasons for Getting a Six Sigma Certification Online in 2020

six sigma
six sigma

Outlining effectiveness and benefits that Six Sigma process produces in process optimization:

1. Become Invaluable across Industries

Do you wonder, which industries gain from the Six Sigma process?

Well, this is the wrong question. Rather you should ask, which industries don’t benefit from Six Sigma?

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The answer is NONE!

This industry-agnostic approach has found applicability amongst the majority of industry verticals. Not just manufacturing industries but IT, aerospace, healthcare, banking and financial services, electronics, HR and marketing, shipping, telecom, etc. Even the food and beverage industry is actively profiting from its application. The best example is Starbucks which transformed from a stand-alone shop in Seattle to a one-stop coffee solution across the globe.

Professionals certified in Six Sigma are experts of diverse methods used to increase revenue and productivity, reduce costs and errors, and improve employee acceptance. No matter the industry and the geography, this makes the Six Sigma certified individual an agent of change inside any organization.

Essentially you become a specialist in detecting the future of organizational growth which works as an endorsement for your obvious skillset. Furthermore, spearheading quality assessment and improvement speaks volumes of your leadership skills.

If it isn’t obvious, businesses are on the lookout for such individuals which makes splendid job prospects fall in your lap every other day.

2. Help Improve Business Processes and Bolster Quality Enhancement

Using the Six Sigma process, you can examine the business and production processes giving you an insight into the impact on the quality performance of current practices. Consequently, you can make better decisions to measure, analyze, control, and improve them using statistical analysis.

You prove your competency by sustaining, even bolstering quality enhancement to meet specific client needs which the organizations need primarily. Using root-cause analysis, you can carefully examine to make sure there is no deviation from the mean. If necessary, take corrective measures to draw in the project that may be diverging from the set metrics.

Experts who are proficient in process-metrics and can improve process performance are prime candidates for hiring globally.

3.  Enhance Managerial and Leadership Qualities

leadership qualitieis
leadership qualitieis

Six sigma specialists measure, analyze, and quantify the monetary benefits from executing any plan of action or venture. Also, they lead actions and grasp financial advantages meant to improve business processes and the superiority of the services offered. On top of that, they also devise tricks to slash costs and increase revenue by finding root-causes of the issues.

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This greater understanding of fiscal management and risk assessment skills are developed during six sigma certification courses. Thus, it becomes the most sought-after skill in the middle and top-level management of any organization.

Inevitably giving you an excellent possibility of rising to senior managerial positions and assuming leadership roles at some of the most worthwhile companies in the world.

Talk about achieving those five-year plans in one year, right?

Spotting yourself there already, huh?

4.  Help Eliminate Risks, Defects, And Errors of your Organization

Six Sigma course helps you tackle 8 major kinds of waste, namely, defects, non-value-added processing, overproduction, inventory, waiting, unused employee talent, transportation, and motion. When you are clueless as to why a process is going completely wrong or being over-delayed, this specific set of Six Sigma skills come in handy. Once you learn this in your Six Sigma certification online, error removal seems effortless.

Using the Six Sigma process you can easily detect and cut off repeatable errors. These errors could have brought poor customer satisfaction and retention and damages to the business. Thus, you can boost revenue, strengthen savings, and better production time and cost by mistake-proofing.

Subsequently, this can help decrease customer complaints, complaint resolution time, spending and cost overruns, IT spending, and schedule slippages.

Thus, you can wipe-out your competition and outshine your peers if you effectively apply these concepts.

5.  Lucrative Salary Remuneration


Completing Six Sigma certification online is quite an achievement because the exams and studies are no easy feat to pass. Even more, that rising from one belt level to the one above requires years of demanding work. Therefore, professionals are very well-respected throughout the industry.

As a Six Sigma expert, you will be at the forefront of all processes and management. You will be driving an initiative to improve processes, implementing tools, and providing exclusive infrastructure for efficiency transformation and goal achievement. Such specialists are hand-picked by major corporations worldwide.

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Hence, it is no surprise that professionals who bring considerable achievement to the business are very well-paid. A survey by has revealed that Six Sigma certified people break into a $100,00+ remuneration bracket from the very beginning and one of the highest compensated professionals globally.

6. Gain Hands-On Knowledge and Experience in Quality Management

Six Sigma certification online entails learning first-hand about business and industry projects and implementing theoretical methodologies to real-life settings. You learn to develop flexibility in reaching and sustaining the high-quality performance required for prime administration. This necessitates supervising and examining processes very carefully.

Thus, this certification course helps you attain significant experience even before taking on management responsibilities. The quality control management you learn during the Six Sigma process sets you apart from the uncertified crowd in your organization.

Fundamentally, it benchmarks your hard-earned knowledgebase and skills which advances your employability in any company of the world be it a start-up, an MNC, a global production unit, or a big corporate house.

7.  Secure Compliance

The superior quality benchmarks demanded by Six Sigma results in a significant reduction in process errors metrics. Hence, the vast majority of distributors, vendors, oversight organizations, procurers, and industry titans apply the Six Sigma process to assess products, services, merchandise, or accounts.  Ensuring your organization’s compliance with industry and government standards forms an enormous part of your key responsibilities.

Thus, Six Sigma certified experts aid their businesses in conforming to international standards along with sustaining profitable and worthwhile critical contracts.


You need to acclimatize, as a stakeholder, to the ever-changing demands of the industry. As we have seen earlier in this article, Six Sigma techniques being generic applies to all types of businesses and all types of business settings. The universality of this methodology betters manufacturing processes all over.

Hence, it cannot be stressed enough that the Six Sigma certification online has become a top priority among all professionals looking to launch their career rocket. 


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