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The latest SEO checklist that you need to know about

Search engine optimization has carved a niche for itself and is the most effective and efficient digital marketing technique which promises superior genuine leads and web traffic. When you are designing your Baltimore SEO strategy for 2020, you need to have an exact step-by-step SEO checklist to be used for superlative results. In this post, we have offered the checklist for SEO enthusiasts to develop a straightforward and direct SEO strategy for businesses. 

SEO Basics

Setting up Google Tag Manager 

Most of the Baltimore SEO enthusiasts prefer to set up Google Tag Manager as it helps in deploying code on the site without any expertise and it also helps to set up other SEO tools. This is the first and foremost thing to do. 

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Setting up Google Search Console

Google Search Console offers you real-time updates and insights about your search engine rankings and traffic and also helps you to discover which keywords are performing well. You can also submit a sitemap or ask for recrawls. 

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Setting up Google analytics 

Google Analytics offers a wide array of things to track for your SEO efforts including how much traffic you are getting from search engines, pages that are getting more traffic, organic traffic’s bounce rate, revenues you are earning from organic traffic.

Install Yoast SEO 

Installing Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin helps Baltimore SEO enthusiasts to create SEO-friendly content by updating various content such as page’s titles, Meta descriptions and slugs. In addition to that, Yoast also takes care of canonical tags, noindex tags and sitemaps. 

Keyword Research Checklist

Get insights about searcher’s intent 

One of the most important things to get higher ROI on your SEO efforts is to understand what your prospective customers are looking for. There are total 4 searcher’s intent including informational intent, navigational intent, transactional intent and commercial investigation. You need to identify the right searcher intent to address those customers by offering the same to them. 

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Fitting keywords in your sales funnel 

It is not necessary that keywords which are performing low are of no use. They might help your customers to convert. You need to find a healthy balance for keywords by prioritizing them as primary and secondary keywords and work accordingly. 

Understanding keyword difficulty 

When you have a new keyword that is performing well on search engines, your Baltimore SEO enthusiasts might want the keyword to use and rank. However, not all keywords are easy to rank for. You need to use various keyword research tools to identify the difficulty index of a particular keyword for ranking. Higher difficulty means you need to put more efforts to rank for that keyword. 

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Head terms Vs long-tail keywords

Keywords which have high search volume and competitive are called head terms and keywords which have low search volume and easier to rank and specific are called long-tail keywords. For an effective Baltimore SEO strategy, both types of keywords must rank on search engines to get more leads and genuine traffic on your website. 

On-page SEO checklist

Use the target keyword in the URL

While developing a Baltimore SEO strategy, ensure that your primary keyword is included in the URL as Google will see it first before the page content. By putting the keyword in the URL, you are notifying Google what the page is all about. 

Keep your URLs short 

Don’t fall in the trap of using multiple keywords in the URLs. It will backfire as SEO experts believe that shorter URLs rank higher than long URLs.

Add keyword in the title tags and Meta descriptions

When it comes to on-page SEO optimization, the title tags play a pivotal role. It is what people will see on the Google home page results and including the primary keyword in the title tag will help customers to understand what the page is all about.

In addition to that, using the keyword in the Meta description will help you with CTR. Also, when the keywords the user searched for is in the Meta description, Google highlights it. 

Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in your content

LSI keywords are those keywords which are related to the primary keywords, but not synonyms. For example, LSI keywords for the “New York City” are Empire State Building, Wall Street, The Statue of Unity and New Jersey.

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Search engines will be able to understand about your page and what it is all about by identifying those LSI keywords you have used.


This is 2020 and there are limitless possibilities lying for Baltimore SEO enthusiasts. This in-depth SEO checklist will help them to design a powerful and superior SEO strategy that will bring unparalleled results on the table.  

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