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An Introduction to Social Media Graphics

Are you wondering how to improve your social media strategy for your business or brand? A great way to make your social media marketing plan stronger while working to increase engagement is to create your own social media graphics.

Creating your own branded social media graphics and posting them on a consistent basis can allow you to diversify your feed while keeping it in line with your brand style. These graphics which can be iconographic, quotes, or visual graphs can help you offer engaging content to your audience that will promote engagement and shares so that you can boost your online presence and following. To learn more about social media graphics and how to best go about creating them, keep reading this helpful guide. 

Keep Your Branding Consistent

One of the most important things you will want to do when creating social media graphics for your brand is to ensure that your branding stays consistent. This is the best way to make sure that your feed looks professional and unique to your specific brand. It also works to build brand recognition, meaning that followers will come to see your graphics and know they are yours before further reading. 

You want to make sure the graphics that you create are in line with your other posts, your website, and your overall brand to make sure you are working towards brand consistency. This means that your brand colors, text, and other visuals should be consistent across all platforms, as should your brand voice. Doing so allows you to have cohesive branding across all platforms while also ensuring that you can share one graphic along all of your platforms. 

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Create Authentic Content 

Brand authenticity is another thing you will want to strive for while creating your graphics. When someone first finds your brand on social media, your posts and graphics are their first impression of your brand, so you want to make it a good one. Not only can you do this by creating professional, branded content that provides your followers with some kind of reward, but you can also do this by making sure your brand content is authentic so that it resonates with your target audience. 

You want to accurately portray your products, solutions, and overall organization with your posts. For example, a graphic that is a quote from your company founder or from a happy customer can act as testimonials to your company while also allowing you to humanize your brand. You can also post clips from your webinars or training to offer your followers an inside look at your business while offering them useful information. 

You want to avoid posting too many stock photos, and rather create your own photos and graphics so that your account does not look generic or spammy. In today’s crowded digital world, creating your own content is key for standing out and appearing unique so that you can catch the eyes of online users. 

Make Sure That Your Graphics Serve a Purpose

You should not create graphics just to make sure you are posting on a regular basis. Instead, each graphic you create should have a specific purpose or goal. Having a single goal with your graphic allows you to narrow your message to your audience, increasing the chances that they take whatever call to action you are posing with your graphic. 

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If you have too many goals within one graphic, it will appear cluttered and can confuse your followers. There are many goals that you can have with your graphics. For example, perhaps you want to inform your audience about a new product or collection you are launching, or to promote an upcoming sale or giveaway. 

You may also have the goal of boosting your engagement so that you can build a community around your brand or receive shares that can broaden your audience. You may also have the goal of generating leads back to your site where followers can further explore the topic prompted in your graphic. It’s best to remember that when creating and designing your graphics, less is more. 

For this reason, you want to highlight your goal and keep the design simple and clean. You want to make sure that your graphics are visually appealing and easy on the eyes. Take advantage of negative space and only include professional and branded elements for the best results. 

Your graphics should include limited text, such as a headline or one-liner to make sure it is scannable and easy to digest as users are scrolling.

Mix Up the Kind of Graphics You Are Creating and Posting 

When creating graphics for your site, you want to make sure that you are mixing up the kinds of graphics you are posting in order to give your feed a fresh feel. While you want to avoid your feed and posts feeling stagnant by shaking up your graphic types a bit you still want to make sure these different forms are branded consistently. For example, vary your graphics by creating graphs, quotes, videos, or an animated GIF to ensure that you are diversifying your content. 

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Social Media Graphics: Tips for Success 

Creating social media graphics can be especially helpful for brands that want to grow a dedicated online following. However, you must do so correctly with these tips and tricks for success.

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