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Video Marketing: 7 Types Of Videos that can Attract and Engage the Audience

In marketing, one of the most common stumbling blocks for a business is to try and get the maximum customer attraction for the content you have provided. This is not just a challenge for the B2B market, but B2C as well. 

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Gaining the attention of the audience means that a brand must continually evolve and come up with ideas and stories which can inspire and motivate the people to respond in a timely manner when you reach out. 

With this being said, there are three major facts that need to be considered when using videos for marketing. 

  • The video content must be able to educate and inform
  • It should be entertaining and engaging 
  • It should motivate the people to share and get the word out for you. 

Creating video content relies deeply on creative planning and the successful execution of the plan. A marketer must be willing to re-evaluate the changing trends and, most importantly, implement changes in the marketing strategy to be successful. 

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best videos used in marketing that can inspire you to promote your business. 

These videos are essential for the customers at the discovery level of the funnel. Explainers, as by the name, can educate your buyers about the products and services while explaining to them why they need it. It can help in generating leads and nurturing prospective customers. 

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Explainer videos can explain complicated products or services while increasing brand awareness. They explain to the audience how your product can solve their problem. 

Explainers have the potential to be shared across the platforms and engage people. If done right, they can connect and communicate with the audience on an emotional level. This is where most brands and businesses hire professional video animation services to create an engaging animated explainer video. 

  • How-to videos

These videos are a step-by-step guide that can help people at the discovery stage to move forward. It educates and explains to the user how to do something. It can be both entertaining as well as informative. 

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Since questions and queries are popular in search engines, creating content that addresses those queries can help you to show up in the search results. Consider creating how-to videos to answer impotent queries in your industry. You can use the videos to prompt the download for a piece of information, to help the viewers move forward in their buyer’s journey. 

  • Promos

These videos are for brand awareness and can help in increasing traffic to your blogs r asset-specific landing page and lead generation. 

Most brands have text-based content assets such as reports or guides to promote, but one of the best ways to make the most out of the business promotions is to design a fun video to promote downloads. 

  • Webinars and recorded webinars

Mostly used for educating potential customers about issues related to your industry, generating leads, and guiding prospects further along the funnel. Most companies use webinars for digital events with virtual attendees who have registered to watch the lesson in advance.

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These webinars can also be pre-recorded scheduled for a specific date and time. They can be published on your website and landing pages and more. When planning a new webinar, think strategically, and map out all the questions to help a buyer move along the journey with your product.

  • Demo videos 

These videos can help the buyer to make a perfect decision to purchase your product while addressing them to the end of the funnel. Similar to explainer videos, demo videos explain how your product and services functions. These videos come later in the marketing funnel; therefore, they need to be more detailed about specific features and functions. 

Demo videos of a product can show viewers the value of your product rather than just telling them about it. In the industry, it can showcase the customers what can be expected of your services and products. 

  • Personalized videos 

It contains the element of surprise and can delight the prospects while making a connection with them. Personalized videos tell your customers a story that can intrigue them emotionally while convincing them to make a decision. 

A personalized video must send a message to the audience, which can increase the response rates and wooing the customers with the potential to stand out in the crowd. 

  • Company culture videos

These videos are excellent assets when it comes to reaching out to a new audience as well as increase brand awareness. Brand and culture videos are ones that can tell your audience about your brand and what you may stand for. They give the company an opportunity to be creative while being able to attract the customers and deliver their message. About us, videos, recruiting videos, and company culture videos can fit into this category.

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