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Informative Guide About The Process To Apply For Working Holiday Visa 462

Beaches, Cricket, Kangaroos or astonishing night life,  among these four, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ” Australia “.  Australia has amazed the world with its beauty, making it one of the top travel destinations of the world. A person who has countless responsibilities, its impossible to think about going and chilling in Australia without scratching mind about the expenses. Do you also think of the way through which you can travel to Australia and simultaneously do a job, letting you cover your travel expenses? If yes, then read further because it is something tailor-made exclusively for you. When you apply for a Work and Holiday visa which provide you with the opportunity to stay for a longer time period and earn money so that you can have fun without wasting your skills and losing cash. Work and holiday subclass 462 is made for the wanderlusts who are passionate about seeing the beauty of Australia and covering their finances as well.

Just like every accomplishment is the result of appropriate planning and execution, getting this visa 462, also requires some series of planning and understanding. For a traveller, it becomes fundamental to understand all the process for this visa so that when you apply for it, the process goes like smooth as silk. Below we have penned down the comprehensive checklist which will benefit every Australia visitor.

Eligibility Criteria

This visa is available to visitors between the age group of 18 to 30 who must be holding a legally correct passport of the below-mentioned countries

  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • LuxembourgSingapore
  • Slovak Republic 
  • Slovenia 
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  •  Chile
  • Spain
  •  Thailand
  •  Turkey
  •  USA
  •  Malaysia
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • The people’s Republic of China
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • San Marino 
  • Uruguay 
  • Vietnam.

Note: If you have applied for the visa when you were 30 but, you turned 31 before the application got approved, your visa will remain active.


Below mentioned documents must be present with the travellers and they are required to fulfil all the necessary conditions decided by the regulatory board.

Your passport displaying the name, personal info and passport issue and expiry dates.

XEROX of birth certificate displaying the name of both your parents.

At least $500 as a token of evidence. Although, you need a return air ticket or sufficient funds that can take you to your home country.

 Note: All documents must be filled properly in English

How long the process takes?

Around 75% of applications are successfully processed within 24 days, but it can exceed if any important point is missed from the application.


AUD 485


Medical assessment and chest X-ray is essential for fulfilling the health criteria.

How much a person can stay in Australia with this visa?

Twelve months from the commencement of the date you made an entry in Australia. You are free to come back and go again but, it won’t get extended in any circumstance.


Short-term casual jobs for funding your holiday within an allotted time frame

Can I do an Education Course as well?


 Australia is emerging as a global leader in providing top-class education services and becoming one of the elite choices for students from all parts of the world. This visa allows you to take an education course of a maximum of 4 months. There are many specially designed short term courses which are available in Australia for enhancing the job skills and career advancement. Pursuing these courses will be the best investment for a successful tomorrow.

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Can I extend this visa?

It is surely possible to extend your time if you have done at least three months service of specified work in eligible northern and regional areas of the country.

Must not be entered in Australia 

You must not have entered Australia on a previous visa subclass 462 or subclass 417.


When something is associated with a country’s migration policy, complications and paperwork will going to be there as security always comes first for any nation and, Australia is no different. Sometimes it gets very complicated and stressful to comprehend the visa policies as there is always a scope of modification at any moment. To make sure your application is completely errors free and good to go, taking the service of Immigration Agent Perth will be the best call. Through their services, all the paperwork and complications are managed by a skilled team of migration agents who have a complete understanding of the process. Australia is a dream destination which amazes one and all. Get in touch with Visa consultant Perth and make a visit to the country of kangaroos.

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