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Evolution of Travel Technology & Its Impact on Travelers

In this dynamic world where travel technology changes just with the difference of days, the major percentile of enterprises is fully dependent on it. One who has not adopted till now, they will be moving on it very soon. As the whole market is distributed in the sectors the travel industry is one of the major industries. Till now 8.81 tr USD is the contribution to the global economy by travel and tourism where India shared its part as 240 billion USD that is 9.2% of India’s GDP. So now you can imagine how big a picture it is. The stats may be changed more. 

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The economic stats are only one part of the tourism sector another important part is the travel technology which provides ease to travelers. According to the new study, the majority of Indian travelers want to spend their time to relax from the routine, apart from it they also travel for social status and want to visit places where friends have not been. To keep in mind all these factors have their impact on the service providers. 

In this era of cut-throat competition, travel brands are equipping themselves with new travel technology tools to provide the services. It is beneficial for brands as well as for customers. One of the technologies that are more in the revolutionizing phase -” The Booking Engine”.  There are three important features which require the attention of booking engine are as follow- 

Customized Tours are the hottest topic that is trending now in the travel industry. The year 2019 was dedicated to the selling of customized tours and in 2020 it will be on the peak. All the above features are also related to it as this is one of the technologies of travel. Nowadays travelers want to experience customized tour packages, where dates are on their fingertips & they only want to design an independent itinerary with all options (like places, stay, transportation) lined up in a user-friendly way so they can choose what they want exactly. The whole effort is to provide a tailor-made experience.  

  • Multiple Payment Option With Secure Gateway

The multiple payment options with the secure gateway in the booking system is also a major factor which attracts travelers. Each traveler wants a hassle-free payment option with security so he/she will be able to pay service providers without having any issue securely. It provides an ease to them.       

  • User-Friendly Graphic Interface

The above two features are nothing without a user-friendly interface- the soul of a booking engine. If the booking engine is capable enough to provide all these to the customers then it will be called a win-win situation. The booking engine is the face of any travel brand that works as the first interaction with the customer and the only factor that has its impact on the conversion. It should be like in a form that ordinary visitors will become a customer and existing customers will be happy customers. 

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There is another term that is in trend with the customization and also has a relation with travel technology is experiential traveling. The relation is because whatever kinds of tour customers want to book either it is leisure or customized or experiential he/she will have to use the provided GUI and its quality to decide the conversion. In the year 2020, customized tours, eco-travel and solo trips make it quite exciting as suggested by trend analysts. 

The Suggested Travelling Trends – the Year 2020

According to the article published on the website of the most popular and world-famous National Geographic Society says that year 2020 travel trends will be based on the following points-

  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Giving Back & Reusable Plastic Items 

The first point that is sustainable tourism means travel is not for the pleasure it is also for enriching the place so their natural beauty remains longer. Now it will be the appreciable mindset of the travelers that they will prioritize their trips to have a good impact on people, planet, destinations, and local communities. 

Carbon offsetting is the long time demand since the scientist raises their with the help of research that whatever is going in the name of industry and globalization will not be good for the planet and definitely its adverse effects will definitely hit the new generation. Now by the message sharing with using various kinds of technologies, People are aware and keenly interested in Carbon Offsetting. This will be on full swing in 2020.

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The next point is Giving back & reusable plastic items. Actually these terms have a very strong connection. Plastic is one of the biggest enemies for the environment. So reusable plastic items for traveling, trekking, expeditions will be on the top in 2020. This initiative will be beneficial for travelers as well as for service providers. 

The point is all these new trends are bound with technology and it will be the best way to use technology in the right direction to give something back to our mother nature. It is the responsibility of travelers and service providers to use technology to save nature.

Initiative Taken By The Brands

There are several brands that have included all these travel technology factors included in their system and operations where some of them are queued up change the traditional approach. Even start-ups are taking more interest in the new travel technologies to capture the market with their approaches. The basis of these approaches is to provide “Human Experience with Digital Edge”. One of the start-ups which are following the latest trends in their operation is BanBanjara Travels. Their method makes them unique. By keeping three factors –”Discover Now, Explore By Theme, Explore With” they designed their own booking system which is now gaining huge response among travelers. 

Ultimately the thing is that the outcome of anything depends upon what kind of system you have designed by using technology. The travel sector is dynamic in itself so the future of any brand will be decided by the technology and methodology used.

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